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The Next Evolution of Intraoral Scanners – Dentistry Today

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Medit (www.medit.com), a leading provider of dental 3D scanners and digital dentistry solutions, proudly announces the next evolution of intraoral scanning technology with the launch of Medit i900.

Premium Intraoral Scanner, Medit i900

“Our customer focus fuels our advancements,” said Michael Lee, CTO. “The i900 is a testament to our pursuit of innovation, empowering dentists to redefine the standards of patient care and practice efficiency.”

The Medit i900 features an innovative new control interface, faster, smoother scanning, improved ergonomics, and enhanced material capture technology. It enhances user-friendliness while offering more precision and control. The Medit i900 will be revealed in a worldwide virtual event on April 29, 2024.

“Medit has maintained a unique clinician-driven approach to product development,” said Han Ryu, chief growth & strategy officer at Medit. “The i900 embodies everything Medit stands for: intuitive design, cutting-edge software, and industry-leading imaging technology. But most importantly, it represents a leap forward in how digital dentistry can transform patient care.”

Medit disrupted the market in 2018 with its first intraoral scanner, the i500, offering dentists a high-precision, user-friendly option at a significantly lower cost than competitors. Building on this success, Medit introduced the best-selling i700 in 2021, followed by the i700 Wireless and i600 in 2022, providing a comprehensive range of scanners for all types of dental practices.

The Medit i900 will also include the company’s Medit Link platform, which offers free dental apps that boost productivity and streamline workflows. Medit Link seamlessly integrates with other platforms, services, and hardware.

Unveiling on April 29th, the i900 represents the next evolution of intraoral scanners, shaping the future of digital dentistry.

Learn more here: https://www.medit.com/medit-i900-teaser/.

About Medit

MEDIT is a global provider of 3D intraoral scanners and an all-in-one digital dentistry platform, based on its own patented state-of-the-art technology. The company also develops innovative software for digital dentistry, supporting collaborative workflows between dental clinics and labs.

MEDIT has been headquartered in Seoul, South Korea since its inception in 2000. The company also has representatives in the Americas and Europe and boasts a global network of distributors in over 100 countries. Visit MEDIT official website for detailed information about MEDIT products and software, and MEDIT official YouTube and social media channels for other various content.

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