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Welcome Our Newest Board Member

by adminjay

We are so excited to welcome Dr. Allen Reavis to Dental Lifeline Network’s National Board of Directors.  

Dr. Reavis hopes that his life experiences on multiple boards and government agencies will support and strengthen DLN. When asked about why he is interested in serving on Dental Lifeline Network’s Board of Directors, Dr. Reavis recalled that he jumped at the opportunity.

“I have enjoyed every minute of offering my skills to the underserved,” said Dr. Reavis. “I love the DDS program because it does have a process to determine the true need of the patient. When I complete someone’s care, and receive a hug, or see them smile at the result, it is truly life changing.” 

A desire to help others improve their health and serve his community led Dr. Allen Reavis to dentistry. He has been enjoying that mission for 40 years in Atchison, Kansas. A graduate of UMKC School of Dentistry (1984), Dr. Reavis has been an active member in the profession, serving as a leader in the Kansas Dental Association, the American Dental Association and on the Kansas Dental Board. In Atchison, Dr. Reavis spearheaded the effort to build a Federally Qualified Health Center Dental Clinic, in his community, and led the drive to raise funds to complete the clinic. These clinics are critical in providing dental care for Medicaid recipients and underserved populations. Beyond his practice in Atchison, Dr. Reavis volunteers to provide free dental care by participating in Donated Dental Services (DDS), KMOM, and other charitable care which has recently included a mission trip to Kenya. He has achieved the Fellowship in AGD, Fellowship in Pierre Fauchard, Fellowship in ICD, and a Fellowship in ACD. He was recognized as Kansas Dentist of the year in 2021.  

Dr. Reavis was involved with the American Student Dental Association all four years of dental school. He has been a member of the Kansas Dental Association since 1984, served as an alternate delegate or delegate to the ADA HOD’s, served as president of the Kansas Dental Association, and is now the District 12 Trustee for the ADA. Dr. Reavis has been involved in the political process at the local and national level, working to pass legislation helpful to the dental profession and patients. He enjoys collaborating with people, understands government structure and realizes the challenges organizations have in serving their members.  

In his personal time, Dr. Reavis has continued to serve the community through civil leadership. He was elected to the positions of City Commissioner (13 years), County Commissioner (currently) and Mayor for which he held for five terms in Atchison. Dr. Reavis has had the pleasure of sitting on local committees and boards including St. Benedict’s Catholic Church Parish Council, Boy Scouts, and the Community Foundation. He enjoys lake life, golf, aviation and shooting sports as hobbies.  

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