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An MDA Success Story – My Dental Agency

by adminjay

When we signed Ackley Dental Group, one of the first things we did was revamp and refresh the practice’s website. It is now full of dynamic custom content, photos, and videos of the doctors and patients giving testimonials. The website’s written content was fully edited and updated to be unique and capture the practice’s essence of being a high-quality, family-oriented, community dentist. The site now features dynamic, interactive pages that draw the visitor in by highlighting what makes the group unique, prompting patients to call or request an appointment right from the site.

Some of the more notable strategies we implemented for the practice include a monthly blog featuring relevant dental topics and monthly emails addressed to all existing patients. We also took on the responsibility of updating and managing the practice’s Facebook page, posting custom content weekly. We ramped up the practice’s presence using Google Ads and continued to place heavy emphasis on driving patient reviews online and in the office.

Since partnering with MDA, Ackley Dental Group has seen quite a bit of success. Most notably, they’ve had 1,500 appointment requests from new patients on Google and Facebook alone. That is an average of 62.5 new patient appointments per month in the last two and a half years.

In that same short time, the practice went from:

  • 26 reviews with an average rating of 4 stars on Google
    • to 883 reviews with an average rating of 4.9 stars.
  • Facebook reviews went from 49 with an average rating of 4.8
    • to 681 with an average 5-star rating!
  • The practice’s Facebook page has also added nearly 1,140 likes since we began managing it, close to double the number of likes in only 2.5 years.
  • The monthly emails we send out for the practice have an open rate of 30%, which means that a large number of existing patients are engaging with their dentist outside of the practice.

Ackley Dental Group continues to successfully leverage its online presence to attract new patients, creating rapport even before anyone from the practice makes actual contact. The combination of engaging social media, blog, email, and web-based content is reaching the target audience, with quantifiable results. New patient leads have increased dramatically, resulting in real revenue. The overall quality of patients contacting the practice has also improved. Patients do not expect or even want “bargain” dentistry when they contact Ackley Dental Group because the practice’s overall image online and on social media conveys the high-quality services they offer.

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