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CBCT Scans in London – The Benefits over Dental X-Rays

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What is a CBCT Scan and how is it helping London patients engage treatments in a way that empowers them to be more involved with a greater level of understanding? It all comes down to how 3BEAM’s Planmeca Promax 3D Mid CBCT Scanner is capable of differentiating between types of tissue which enables dentists to see structures with better clarity and detail treatments for patients in visual forms. 

The advanced imaging technology means patients can understand their procedures much better and that dentists can rely on clear & detailed imaging when explaining what’s involved – the end result is a more relaxed patient and a greater sense of trust between patient & client. 

With a CBCT Scanner being used to provide dental imaging the dentist can rely on improved accuracy and the detailed images allow you to assess the risk of treatments & procedures with a deeper level of understanding of the patients oral structures. 


Why does CBCT Scanning give better results than Dental X-Rays?

Young female patient undertakes a CBCT Scan with 3BEAM in their Harley Street Practice, London.

A traditional Dental X-Ray offers a 2D snapshot of the bone structures in a patient’s face and dentists & technicians can use multiple angles to create a better understanding of the intricacies of a patient’s oral structure. 

The benefit of CBCT Scanning is the production of a 3D image at the precise scale the dentist needs and as a result you can focus on a specific area as small as a root of a single tooth or create a full model of the patient’s mouth from different angles to assist in evaluation & diagnosis. 

A full CBCT Scanner isn’t a piece of kit that every dentist can have, the cost of the technology means that it’s not needed in-practice but having a referral partner for this revolutionary technology is vital in ensuring the quality of treatment is high to patients with complex cases that traditional Dental X-Rays provide enough detailed imaging to provide dentists with a holistic understanding of the oral landscape. 

In London CBCT Scanning is available through 3BEAM based out of Harley Street, London. They focus on providing convenient, efficient & cost-effective scanning services on a referral basis for dentists throughout the capital & beyond. 

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