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Compliancy Group Endorsed by ADA Member Advantage

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Compliancy Group selected by ADA Member Advantage as exclusive OSHA compliance management solution recommended for all association members.

Through the partnership, ADA Members will be provided with a simplified OSHA compliance management and tracking solution at a special members-only rate.

Certain hazard exposures and standards are of particular concern in the dental space. That’s why Compliancy Group created an OSHA program specifically for dental practices.

While OSHA has hundreds of standards, Compliancy Group’s OSHA product covers those for dentist offices, including:

“We worked closely with the ADA when developing our OSHA dental product to ensure the material covers hazards specific to dental. With OSHA having hundreds of standards, it can be difficult to determine which apply to your practice,” said Kelly Anne Koch, director of dental relations, Compliancy Group. “This is why we prioritized making our product as simple and easy to understand as possible.”

“We are really pleased to offer this new solution from Compliancy Group. We believe that it addresses a pain point for the ADA’s member dentists as managing the technical aspects of OSHA compliance is time-consuming and can be confusing,” stated Bill Bulman, chair of the ADA Member Advantage board of directors. “Compliancy Group has been a great company to work with, and we have received a lot of positive member feedback regarding their responsiveness and customer service.”

As an established ADA Member Advantage-endorsed solution for HIPAA, dentists have the benefit of using a single service to manage their compliance needs.

Benefits of Compliancy Group HIPAA and OSHA

Compliancy Group’s clients can manage their HIPAA and OSHA compliance and train employees from one centralized location.

  • Simplified — Instructions, recommended processes, and templates.
  • Automated — Training and audits that fulfill your compliance requirements.
  • Guided — Get guidance and instructions on how to use the software and templated material.

Compliancy Group Dental Resources:

OSHA Tips for Dental Offices

HIPAA and OSHA Explained

About Compliancy Group

OSHA can be overwhelming when you don’t know where to start. The company provides an OSHA project plan with the materials you need to fulfill your OSHA requirements.

Get a structured plan to simplify your compliance today! 

While HIPAA and OSHA packages can be purchased separately, dentists receive additional savings when they bundle services.

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