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Craze Lines and Fractures – Ask the Dentist

by adminjay

Welcome to the first episode of Ask the Dentist, hosted by Dr. Mark Burhenne. The premise of this show is the same as that of askthedentist.com: to help patients inform themselves so that they can play an active role in the maintenance of their oral health. This podcast will also introduce you to the concept of functional dentistry, which is a root cause and integrative approach to treating dental symptoms, and aims to bridge the gap between physicians and dentists.

Our host will use each episode to dive deep into a listener question with a well-rounded and actionable discussion. For today’s show, Dr. B talks about tooth fractures, the different types of tooth fractures, and what to do about them. So tune in today and be sure to listen in on future episodes so that you can continue to empower yourself and know what to ask as well as what to expect the next time you find yourself in the chair! Dr. B of course can’t give medical or dental advice on this show, but he can share pointers on how to interact with your own dentist.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The main aim of this podcast, to help our listeners play an active role in their dental health
  • Some of the pointers you will hear on this show, such as how to interact with your dentist
  • Support we offer at askthedentist.com about functionally-minded dentists to visit
  • The problem of physicians and dentists practicing in separate lanes
  • A question from a listener about how Dr. B would treat a tooth with a small fracture
  • The likelihood that the listener’s issue is a ‘craze line,’ and what this means
  • How to tell if a crack in your tooth is a craze line and what to do about it
  • Possible causes of craze lines such as grinding, accidents, and more
  • The structure of the tooth and how this plays into their tendency to crack
  • Approaches dentists use to assess a crack in a tooth
  • How a crack can get more severe and the value of treating it before this happens

How to Submit Your Question:

Record your question for Dr. B at speakpipe.com/askthedentist 


“Listeners will be able to ask me questions they have about oral health and I’ll use each episode as an opportunity to dive into a well-rounded discussion that can lead to actionable solutions.” — @askthedentist [0:00:42]

“Oral health affects systemic health. It is all connected.” — @askthedentist [0:01:11]

“Most of us will get craze lines, not to worry, but if you get a fracture, definitely act on it right away.” — @askthedentist [0:08:50]

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Ask the Dentist Website

About Dr. Mark Burhenne

Follow Dr. B on Instagram @askthedentist

Follow Dr. B on Twitter @askthedentist

Ask Dr. B a Question

Functional Dentist Directory

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