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Davids Introduces The First Toothpaste Formulated for Both Kids and Adults

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Davids Natural Toothpaste announces the launch of kids+adults premium toothpaste, packed with all of the natural goodness that Davids is known for, but enhanced with tasty watermelon and strawberry flavors that will leave your mouth feeling refreshed and clean.  This high-performance, fluoride-free toothpaste uses naturally sourced & derived ingredients to whiten teeth safely & effectively, remove plaque & freshen breath.

Davids Natural Toothpaste kids + adults

Bringing quality ingredients to the forefront of toothpaste is no new feat for the brand. Since 2015, Davids has been a leader in the natural oral care category that has continued to raise the industry standards. Through extensive research, Davids has discovered how to effectively remove toothpaste’s toxic ingredients and replace them with naturally sourced and derived ingredients that outperform conventional toothpaste, leaving teeth exceptionally clean and fresh.

“We are so excited to bring the first kids+adults toothpaste to market. As a brand, we wanted to create the best tasting toothpaste to quench consumers’ sweet tooth while adhering to our naturally driven formulas. Our chemists were tasked to create and mimic the nostalgic flavor of a classic candy, the Jolly Rancher. Davids was inspired to create kids+adults, as it’s estimated that 15% of adults purchase kids toothpastes for themselves because they don’t like ‘adult flavors’ and now they can enjoy a mouthwatering toothpaste with none of the guilt,” – Eric, Founder and CEO.

Davids kids+adults premium toothpaste retails for $9.95 on www.davids-usa.com and is available for delivery across the USA.


Davids is a premium natural toothpaste brand, providing products that are crafted with the highest quality, naturally sourced and naturally derived ingredients to safely and effectively whiten teeth, fight plaque, and freshen breath.

In 2011, Davids founder, Eric David Buss, began a four-year obsession to develop the very best natural toothpaste, after looking into the ingredients being used in the “natural” toothpaste he was using. Through extensive research with industry experts, Buss identified the best natural ingredients, all originating in the USA, to safely and effectively brighten teeth and smiles. Today, the brand’s

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