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Delta Dental’s Support Helping DLN Change and Save More Lives

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Since DLN launched its Lifeline Heroes Challenge for Veterans campaign last year, Delta Dental has been one of its biggest supporters. To date, Delta Dental has contributed $250,000 to the project. These donations have allowed DLN to significantly expand its services towards veterans, as well as recruitment efforts to find more volunteer dentists willing to see one veteran in their office each year.

“Delta Dental’s generosity has been an incredible help in our efforts to provide dental care to more veterans,” Fred Leviton, DLN President & CEO, said. “More funds raised means more heroes served, and we couldn’t be more thankful for that.”

Throughout the US, numerous Delta Dentals have come together to support veterans in need. Those contributed to date include:

  • Delta Dental of Arkansas
  • Delta Dental of California
  • Delta Dental of Colorado
  • Delta Dental of Idaho
  • Delta Dental of Illinois
  • Delta Dental of Iowa
  • Delta Dental of Massachusetts
  • Delta Dental of Michigan
  • Delta Dental of Minnesota
  • Delta Dental of Missouri (and SC)
  • Delta Dental of Oklahoma
  • Delta Dental of Virginia
  • Delta Dental of Washington
  • Delta Dental of Wisconsin
  • Northeast Delta Dental

For many veterans, dental care is not covered by their insurance or their VA benefits. DLN’s Lifeline Heroes Challenge for Veterans seeks to raise funds to bridge that gap in services and provide comprehensive, extensive care to those who need it most.

“These veterans served their country for all of us, and the least we can do is try and give back to them,” Fred Leviton said. “Delta Dental’s dedication to giving back to veterans is helping DLN change and save more lives.”

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