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Finding connection through Facebook especially during this time!

by adminjay

Even as the country starts to open up, and we venture back out into public, people are still spending time on their phones and computers. As one of the biggest online platforms, Facebook should always be a priority when it comes to building brand awareness for your practice. Especially now, people want connection and are going to the platform to find it now more than ever. Facebook is a place where you can chat with friends and family, get information on local restaurants, and catch up on the news. Sharing about your practice and communicating with your audience helps you build that connection with them, as well.

Just as we recommend before Covid 19, Facebook is an integral part of any cohesive dental marketing strategy. It allows you to share information and engage with your audience in real time. Posting protocol updates, news about your team or other information about your practice is helpful in keeping your patients notified. In this time of uncertainty, people are unsure of what is open, what is not. By keeping your practice front and center, it will take the guesswork out of your patients wondering if they should call for an appointment or not.

It’s also important to share fun or useful information not directly related to your practice, as well. For our clients, we had created a couple posts that saw great engagement and sharing. One post asked what books were on people’s social distancing reading list. Many people shared book titles and liked each other’s comments. Another post shared a tip on why you should use alcohol-based cleaning products in your home instead of vinegar-based ones. The post was shared and extended beyond the practice’s Facebook immediate audience.

As you get back to your practice, remember that your patients, current and new, continue to spend time on Facebook. If you want to reach them, continue to post a mix of content that builds connection and engagement. The results will have a greater reach beyond the here and now.

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