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How to Avoid Fluoride – Ask the Dentist

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Oral health is about so much more than cavities. It is linked to our overall health, and there are ties between a lack of oral health and chronic health struggles later in life. Fluoride is a controversial topic, and in today’s episode, Dr. B talks about this prevalent neurotoxin. We begin by hearing about why it is crucial to ensure that those with developing brains aren’t exposed to it. There is evidence that shows that it lowers IQ. After that, Dr. B shares the three biggest sources of fluoride in our lives and how to avoid consumption. There are so many harmful chemicals that we are exposed to which we don’t have control over, but it is relatively simple to limit our exposure to fluoride. Remember, it is easier to fix a tooth than it is a brain, so take the necessary precautions now for you and your family’s health.  

Key Points From This Episode:

  • It is so important to protect anyone with a developing brain from fluoride
  • The biggest source of fluoride in your life is your drinking water, but it is easy to remove it
  • An affordable product Dr. B recommends that removes fluoride from your water
  • The U.S drinks more fluoridated water than every other country in the world combined
  • Another source of fluoride that Dr. B worries about
  • The fluoride treatments you get from conventional dentists are also problematic
  • If your dentist pushes back against you opting out of the fluoride treatment, look for a new one
  • You don’t need fluoride to have a cavity-free child 

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