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Let’s Learn About Stephanie — An Essential MDA Team Member

by adminjay

Stephanie Krotov is our Google & Facebook Ads Manager, a key role at MDA. A major part of her job is being responsible for testing out new ads for our dental practice clients and SEO management (optimizing how search engines see a new website). But that’s not all Stehpanie does, of course. So, let’s take a moment to get to know her a little better!

Before she came to MDA in 2020, she worked at different small companies in the Tampa Bay area, specializing in digital marketing — SEO, paid media, and social media marketing — putting her B.S. in Advertising from the University of Florida to good use.

Now, working as our Google & Facebook Ads Manager, she feels that her teammates are more like family than coworkers. And when it comes to her job, she loves that she’s always learning and testing new options to get the greatest return for our clients. We love that she’s so dedicated and eager to find new ways to create value for our dental practices!

Outside of work, Stephanie is either reading or going to the gym, keeping her mind sharp and her body in shape. Although she really didn’t like reading as a teenager, she did enjoy the classics she was assigned in school. Now, as an adult, her favorite books are mystery thrillers. Stephanie even joined a book club this year with some of the women from her gym. She especially likes the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich. It’s about an inexperienced bounty hunter, and Stephanie likes to imagine herself as the main character (could it have something to do with the name?). Last month Stephanie achieved a personal milestone — 10 books in one month. That’s impressive!

Most people don’t know this about her, but Stephanie’s never considered herself particularly athletic and never really played any sports, although she did go to tennis camp one summer in her childhood. Even so, she goes to the gym faithfully 5 times a week. That’s some serious dedication!

Stephanie is an invaluable member of the MDA team, and we’re lucky she found us. We too feel like she’s more family than coworker, and we’re so happy to work with her every day. She always brings a fresh perspective and an enthusiastic spirit to our weekly huddles. Not to mention, she’s great at her job.

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