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Making more patients smile more

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Neil Simkin is a keen advocate for the ClearcorrectÒ clear aligner system, available from the Straumann Group. Here he explains why.

The aligners are now fabricated from an innovative new material – Clearquartz. This is a third generation, tri-layer material designed to optimise the patient and practitioner experience.

Commenting on how Clearquartz compares to the previous material, Neil says: ‘The new Clearquartz is a very clear upgrade from the previous material in every sense!

‘The first thing you notice is how much clearer it is. The previous material had a matt appearance, but the aligners are now much more transparent.

‘Clearquartz also has the look and feel of a premium product. It maintains the appropriate rigidity – necessary to engage with the teeth and achieve required movements. But it doesn’t feel brittle.’


With regards to the performance of the aligners, Neil continues: ‘The layered design of the Clearquartz aligners provides a flexible middle layer that makes the aligner fitting much easier in those difficult early stages. This allows clinicians to consider treating cases where previously aligners simply would not fit due to moderate to severe crowding.

‘The strength doesn’t feel compromised in any way. And the flexibility significantly reduces any concerns over cracking.

‘The fit of the aligners is excellent. There is now much less concern about the aligners engaging undercuts and divergent teeth. Where previously this may make it very hard to remove the aligner.

‘There seems a reduced need for refinements since Clearquartz was introduced as well. It suggests a much more reliable treatment outcome.

‘In addition, I am seeing less predictable teeth such as canines and molars respond to planned movements much more reliably.’

Patient comfort

Clinicians are not the only ones who are noticing an improvement thanks to the innovative new aligner material. Patients are also benefiting from the upgrade, which is always the ultimate aim of the game.

‘Patients absolutely love the appearance of the new Clearquartz aligners in situ,’ says Neil.

‘Combining the ClearcorrectÒ design that extends the aligners over the gingival margin with the transparency of the aligners really does make for a great aesthetic. This is many patients’ key concern about orthodontic treatment. As well as a benefit that drives a desire for aligner treatment.

‘Many of my patients work in people-facing jobs and don’t want to be seen wearing braces. Their relief when they look in the mirror at the fit appointment that they will be able to carry on with their lives without making any significant lifestyle adjustments is very evident.

‘More than this, there seem to be far fewer issues for patients coping with the day-to-day wear of the aligners. The ability of the new material to flex just that bit more allows better engagement and fit from day one. It ensures treatments get off to the best possible start.

‘Removing aligners also appears easier, which improves patient co-operation.’


So that’s aesthetics, rigidity, flexibility and comfort improved enhanced – what about durability?

Neil adds: ‘The smoother polished feel of the Clearquartz material significantly improves the lifespan of the aligners. The matt textured surface of the previous material made it prone to staining, despite a patients’ best efforts.

‘The new aligners just don’t seem to pick up stains. And, even when a patient has to wear aligners for periods longer than expected, the material is up to the job and keeps looking fresh.

‘This allows patients to keep on smiling and showing off their new smile.’

This new material is just one way in which the Straumann Group is constantly looking to develop and refine its already industry-leading solutions, ensuring that the evolving needs of practitioners and patients are always met.

Neil concludes: ‘The new Clearquartz material along with other continued enhancements of the ClearcorrectÒ brand reassures us as clinicians that the Straumann Group will continue to invest in and develop this product. It enables us to continue making people smile.’

For more information on Clearcorrect, visit: www.straumann.com/clearcorrect/en/home.html.

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