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by adminjay

My Dental Agency is more than just a professional marketing company that caters to dental practices. It is also a quality resource for the entire dental community. One of our core values is education. Our goal is to help dental practices use what they have at their disposal to the greatest advantage. We do this because we believe that sound marketing advice shouldn’t be a secret. It should be available to all who need it in a format that is clear and accessible.

One of the ways we work to educate the dental community is through the content we post online, i.e. blogs, articles, webinars, podcasts, which we provide free on our website to any dental professional (or non-dental professional for that matter) who wants to learn more about digital marketing. We also educate dentists by making presentations to groups and dental associations who invite us to speak at their meetings and conferences.

Unfortunately, due to COVID, for the last two years we have had to scale back on our live presentations. However, because we still felt it is important to continue to make these presentations, we did our best to offer them via Zoom and made various videos available. But now that we are all a lot more comfortable with enhanced safety protocols and many of us have been vaccinated, In February, we were able to make a live presentation to a group of over 100 people. It was exciting to get back in front of a crowd, and we are thrilled that so many people attended.

This latest presentation we made was in Nashville for a group of doctors attending a training. The training is usually held twice a year, and we are always happy to participate when we can. We have presented to a number of dental groups all over the country, including local Academy of General Dentistry chapter events.

When Shawn and I are invited to speak to a group of dental professionals, our main goal is to give the doctors in attendance valuable information about marketing that they can use in their practices. We mostly talk about MDA’s mission, our core values and philosophies, plus the basic principles of digital marketing — specifically for dental practices. The topics we speak about are geared towards showing dentists concrete ways they can increase revenue and drive quality patients into their practice. We also give real examples of how the strategies we talk about have made a significant and positive impact on our clients’ growth. In essence, we try to demystify digital marketing for dentists and give them some practical tools and advice they can use in their practices right away, without having to employ a professional marketing agency.

Presentations are just one way we help dentists who are looking to update or expand their current dental marketing efforts. We know that there are a lot of independent dental practices out there that handle their marketing in house, and our presentation may be the only real professional digital marketing advice they receive all year. That is why we are happy to do these talks whenever we are invited. Of course, we would also love for every dentist who attends to become part of our dental family, but even if they do not, we still want them to have access to good quality information that will help them grow their practices.

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