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Meet Melissa Andrade – My Dental Agency

by adminjay

Our team is small and very close knit, and we want people outside of MDA to get to know us a little more so they can see why we all work so well together. Every so often, we highlight one of the team members to show how special they are to us and our clients. So, please allow us to introduce Melissa Andrade, one of our hard-working project managers.

Melissa has been a valuable part of the team since 2020. Without her, things would not run quite as smoothly as they do. As a project manager, she is the glue that holds everything together. She keeps us all on schedule, making sure that the internal and external people involved in a campaign meet their deadlines. She ensures that the work we present to clients lives up to our quality standards. She also works closely with our clients to achieve their vision of what their marketing campaigns should be. As Melissa sees it, “Project managers have a more personal relationship with our clients and strive to do everything we can to make them happy.”

Her favorite part of the job? Melissa loves that she gets to work with clients directly. It gives her a chance to get to know them well and makes her work more enjoyable. As for working at MDA, she appreciates how close everyone is and how the team members truly care about each other.

Before Melissa became an MDA team member, she worked mostly in customer service, which allowed her to hone her communication skills. Even earlier on, while she was still living in Massachusetts — her home state — she worked at a coffee shop and still loves to make different coffee drinks. Perhaps she’ll always be a barista at heart.

Melissa is a self-described homebody. She spends a lot of time with her dogs, but she does also like to travel. There’s a chance you will find her at Disney, it’s one of her favorite places to visit. And don’t be surprised if you run into her at the Universal Studios Wizarding World of Harry Potter — she’s a big fan.

A couple of interesting facts about Melissa…She is fluent in Portuguese, which makes it easy for her to understand other Romance languages, since they are all based in Latin. She also has a pretty amazing memory. She can memorize songs after hearing them only a couple of times! Don’t we all wish we could do that?!

In our opinion, Melissa is pretty amazing herself, with or without her super memory. She works hard for our clients and keeps a positive attitude no matter what. We enjoy having her as part of our team.

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