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Orthodontic Arts Announces Practice Expansion & Partnership with Dr. Chris Hunt

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Orthodontic Arts, a leading orthodontic practice in Midtown OKC, announced today that its founder, Dr. David Birdwell, and partner Dr. Brian Wilson, have expanded their thriving practice through a partnership with Dr. Chris Hunt. All three doctors are Board Certified Orthodontists. The partnership is part of Orthodontic Arts’ strategy to expand its capabilities and services to meet the growing demand of clientele in the booming ‘Modern Frontier’ that is Oklahoma City.

“It has been a privilege to work alongside Dr. David Birdwell at Orthodontic Arts for these past five years. I have thoroughly enjoyed working together to create beautiful smiles for our fellow Oklahomans. Now, with the incredibly talented Dr. Chris Hunt joining our practice, I could not be more excited to be working alongside them, continuing to find new ways to elevate orthodontic care and the overall best-in-class experience for our patients,” said Dr. Brian Wilson.

Dr. Chris Hunt is a native of Oklahoma, attended Oklahoma Christian University for his undergraduate degree. Upon graduation, he worked as a pharmaceutical microbiologist before attending The University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry for both his dental studies and specialty training in orthodontics. Dr. Hunt established a special interest in the growth and development of children, performing research on the benefits of early treatment in achieving ideal skeletal correction and soft tissue balance. He is a member of the AAO, ADA, and Oklahoma City Metro Study Club. He enjoys being involved in building relationships in the local area through community and non-profit events.

“I am incredibly thankful to have the opportunity to join Orthodontic Arts, considered one of the best orthodontic practices in Oklahoma,” said Dr. Chris Hunt. “Working alongside Dr. Birdwell and Dr. Wilson has not only enriched my professional growth but has also significantly contributed to my personal development. The supportive and collaborative environment has made me feel like an integral part of a team dedicated to excellence in orthodontic care. Every day I am inspired by the expertise and passion of my colleagues, and their mentorship has undoubtedly made me a better clinician. I look forward to continuing this journey of creating amazing smiles within Oklahoma City and surrounding communities.”

Dr. Brian Wilson, also a native of Oklahoma, attended The University of Oklahoma for both his undergraduate and dental studies. After receiving his dental degree, Dr. Wilson practiced general dentistry in Oklahoma City for one year before completing his specialty training in orthodontics at St. Louis University. A member of the AAO, Dr. Wilson is also an inaugural member of the OKC Metro Seattle Study Club, which promotes excellence in dentistry and orthodontic treatments.

Dr. David Birdwell attended Oklahoma State University and the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry. Dr. Birdwell has been in the specialty practice of orthodontics since 1987 in Oklahoma City. A Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics, Dr. Birdwell is a part-time faculty member of the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry. He is very active in OKC and serves on several nonprofit boards.

Orthodontic Arts stands apart from its competition by offering unique and generous practices for its patients. Some offerings include treating patients of all ages, as young as 7 years old. Free consultations without any money spent out of pocket until treatment begins. Orthodontic Arts also recently launched a new retainer insurance program titled “Secure Your Smile,” which benefits five non-profits in the OKC metro.

Orthodontic Arts’ approach is similar to that of skilled artists: We start with a blank canvas and a vision; we use a palette of the most advanced tools and techniques; and, with expert care, we craft a beautiful, timeless masterpiece. At Orthodontic Arts, we emphasize healthy smiles. From braces and Invisalign®, to collaborating on surgery for skeletal disorders, we specialize in exceptional quality orthodontic treatments for a variety of dental needs.

For more information and to book a free consultation, visit https://www.orthodonticarts.com or https://www.orthodonticarts.com/why-choose-us.

You can also contact the office at (405) 604-3745.

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