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Orthodontic News – DSO TECH SOLUTIONS Provides Transformational Growth Through DSO Relationships

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Two industry leaders join forces to offer strategic collaboration and growth for DSOs.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – DSO Tech Solutions, a new division of Cellerant Consulting Group is connecting DSOs with leading dental technology companies to deliver growth for both parties. Cellerant formed this new platform in partnership with The DSO Project, an industry leader in DSO consulting and advisory services.

The program has outstanding benefits for DSOs. It is free for DSOs, and provides insight into a variety of beneficial technologies. By operating on a “hands on proof of concept” model and paced regional implementation, DSOs lower the risk of implementing new technologies through programs carefully managed by Cellerant.

When asked about this new program, Cellerant Founder and CEO, Dr. Lou Shuman explained, “There are so many great technologies in the dental space that previously never had the opportunity to present their solutions to the DSO decision-makers. The program we have developed is from the knowledge gained having a 70 office DSO as a client. This provides the industry a level of comprehensive advisory services that truly benefits DSOs and technology companies alike.”

Dr. Jeromy Dixson, Founder and CEO of The DSO Project further commented, “I’ve been very active in the DSO space for nearly 20 years. During that time, I’ve noticed an increasing gap in terms of what DSOs need to be successful and the technology they’re using to get there. That gap is a real problem for most DSOs. After learning about Cellerant it became clear how to fix the problem.”

Technology companies who wish to participate are carefully vetted based on their ability to benefit DSOs at multiple levels. If selected, they will gain access to dozens of DSOs working with the Cellerant team.

In addition, for more personalized education for the doctors and team members, industry experts can be retained through Cellerant’s team of KOLs to provide the DSO additional onsite training.

For more information, visit https://www.dsotechsolutions.com/.

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