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Orthodontic News – In-House Aligners Now Possible with CS Model+ Update from Carestream Dental

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ATLANTA—The latest version of CS Model+ v5, with its advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI), now helps practices meet patient demands and respond to industry trends with the ability to design affordable clear aligners right in the office.

In addition to empowering clinicians to offer chairside aligners when it’s most convenient to both the clinician and the patient, this update makes CS Model+ v5 even more intuitive with the addition of new features such as “degree of difficulty” case ranking; automatically generated intermediate treatment steps; IPR suggestions; and a library of attachments.

For more straightforward treatment planning decisions, CS Model+ v5 uses AI to rank a case’s degree of difficulty. The case complexity index is an exclusive feature to CS Model+ v5 that guides doctors through the level of difficulty of the case with an easy-to-understand color code system, from green (simple and straight forward) to red (outside the clinically proven capabilities of aligners). For teeth that are indicated as more difficult, doctors can always take a deeper dive and obtain more details about the case situation for greater insight.

Since patients don’t always understand why they wouldn’t be a good candidate for aligners, the color-coded teeth on the virtual model makes it easier for clinicians to explain why more conventional methods might be necessary. If the patient is a good candidate, CS Model+ lets the clinician play a video that shows their treatment progressing through the steps—a great tool for patient communication, helping them fully understand their treatment journey.

“Patients have come to expect a certain level of customization and convenience everywhere they go, including their doctor’s office,” Ed Shellard, D.M.D, chief dental officer, Carestream Dental, said. “Clear aligners are one way clinicians can offer that ‘bespoke’ service that patients are seeking; they love that it’s their teeth they see moving on the screen and how quickly they can start treatment—sometimes same day.”

What makes this latest version of CS Model+ unique is its ability to automate much of the case, reducing manual input from the clinician. For example, if interproximal reduction (IPR) below 0.2 mm per side is indicated at the beginning of treatment, the software automatically manages the first step. If the amount of space needed exceeds 0.2mm per side, or if the clinician prefers to perform interproximal reduction later, the IPR table can be modified and the steps will automatically be regenerated.

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