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Quality aligners and fantastic support with Clearcorrect – Dentistry.co.uk

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Sami Butt, principal of S3 Dental in Haywards Heath, has been using Clearcorrect aligners from the Straumann Group since they reached the UK market about two years ago.

‘A big incentive to use this system initially was the free video simulation,’ he says. ‘Following design of the smile using the comprehensive design software, I can show patients the predicted treatment outcome straight away. The online portal also makes it easy for me to send all the relevant information for fabrication of the aligners, which Straumann return quickly – especially now I use a digital workflow.

‘Straumann makes the aligners well and strong. They cover about 1mm of gingiva, which is good because it allows for greater tooth movement and helps the patient remove the appliance – they are harder to remove when sculpted around the gingival margin.

‘In fact, patient feedback has been great. I’ve achieved some fantastic results and my patients are very happy. One of the greatest benefits is that I’ve been able to treat patients who have otherwise been advised that they need tooth extractions for orthodontic treatment. I have been able to give patients who have been turned away for removable aligners the treatment they desired.’

Exciting future for Clearcorrect

Dr Butt is just as impressed with the service he received from the Straumann Group as he has with the effectiveness of the appliances. He continues: ‘The support from the Straumann Group has been fantastic. The team answer any questions quickly and provide good feedback. Their support combined with the quality is the reason I use Clearcorrect over other systems.

‘Having the backing of the Straumann Group is absolutely a benefit. It gives me more confidence and is why I recommend the system so much. I believe in seeking value rather than simply considering cost. You cannot ignore the value that the Straumann Group representatives and brand bring to this product. Other aligner reps are there to sell you products, Straumann Group reps are there to support you with products.

‘It is also a privilege to see some of the products and features coming in the future. The future of this system excites me and I’m therefore very happy to continue recommending it to colleagues.’

For more information on Clearcorrect, visit www.straumann.com/clearcorrect/en/home.html.

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