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Rehab.com Forms Advisory Team to Advance Patient-First Innovation

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Rehab.com, the leader in the rehabilitation space, announced the formation of an advisory team composed of prominent business executives, successful technology entrepreneurs, healthcare visionaries, and other notable leaders. In addition, Fred Joyal and Gary Saint-Denis, founders of 1-800-DENTIST, were appointed to the newly established advisory team.

“As Rehab.com continues to grow, we’re committed to bringing on leadership with the wherewithal to drive smart innovation and change in the rehab space,” said Patrick Nagle, founder and CEO of Rehab.com. “With a focus on ethics, Fred Joyal and Gary Saint-Denis revolutionized their industry and changed the patient-provider paradigm by shifting power to the patient. We’re thrilled to have their leadership and counsel as we continue to create value for both patients and providers.”

With more than 30 years each in the healthcare sector, Fred Joyal and Gary Saint-Denis join Rehab.com’s advisory team with a wealth of experience. Co-founded in 1986, 1-800-DENTIST became the nation’s most successful and largest dental referral service, connecting 8-million patients with care while generating more than $1 billion in revenue. In the 18 years Fred and Gary led 1-800-DENTIST, they oversaw the spending of more than $500 million in marketing and developed industry-leading methods for effective traditional TV and radio advertising. Following the sale of 1-800-DENTIST in 2018, Joyal and Saint-Denis have continued to meaningfully impact the healthcare industry.

“Rehab.com is positively transforming the rehabilitation community by empowering  patients with viable treatment options and objective information at a time when it’s needed most,” said Joyal and Saint-Denis, the inaugural members of Rehab.com’s advisory team. “Our success at 1-800-DENTIST was built upon establishing meaningful relationships with patients and Rehab.com is doing just that.”

Fred Joyal held the role of CEO at 1-800-DENTIST and later, Futuredontics, its parent company, for 24 years. He is the author of three books: Everything is Marketing: The Ultimate Strategy for Dental Practice Growth; Becoming Remarkable: Creating a Dental Practice Everyone Talks About; and his latest, Superbold: From Under-Confident to Charismatic in 90 Days. In addition to being an entrepreneur, author, and business advisor, Joyal is a prolific public speaker focusing on customer service.

In addition to co-founding 1-800-DENTIST, Gary Saint-Denis has helped develop innovative companies at the intersection of health, technology, and finance. He currently serves as a senior advisor and Head of Partnerships at Pearly. With an entrepreneurial vision and strong business development mindset, Saint-Denis continues to be a dynamic industry leader.

In the coming weeks, Rehab.com will continue to announce new members of its advisory team.

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