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Taking implants into the future

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With more than 30 years’ experience, TBR is a leader in the implant field, and at this year’s BDIA Dental Showcase the team showcased their revolutionary Z1 implant.

This tissue level implant combines titanium and zirconia, whose biocompatibility allows for better clinical results. The unique zirconia collar helps improve soft tissue management and prevent peri-implantitis, while offering unmatched aesthetic results. And with a 98% success rate, it is no wonder delegates were wowed.

TBR’s bone level implants were also featured, with platform switching for reduced inflammatory infiltration. They offer long-lasting aesthetics, bone stability and soft tissue preservation, with optimal primary stability in all bone densities.

Delegates could also find out more about the Baby-M and Baby 8 short implants. Using these can help avoid invasive surgery, such as sinus lifts, and lead to long-term aesthetic and functional success.

Some of the most advanced implant systems in the world, TBR’s products are supplied exclusively through Dental Express (a trading division of Surgery Express LLP) in the UK. Why not get in touch to find out more, or visit the website for information on how TBR and the Z1 can help improve your practice.

Visit Dental Express at www.dental-express.co.uk or call 0800 7076212.

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