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Top 5 Advantages of Working with a Marketing Agency that Specializes in Dentistry

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There are thousands of marketing and advertising agencies in the US, from huge, national corporations to tiny boutique agencies with a single owner, and everything in between. Obviously, not all marketing agencies are equal. Some are experts in specific marketing channels, digital or traditional, for example. Others take a much broader approach and offer a variety of marketing channels. Some agencies focus on multiple verticals, and others are more niche, like MDA, concentrating on a single industry. There are advantages to working with each type of marketing agency, but in our opinion, the benefits of working with an industry-specific dental marketing agency outshine all the others.

The Benefits of Working with a Specialist

Just like in dentistry, where you have general dentists as well as specialists, you have marketing agencies that generalize their practices, working with clients from all industries, and others that specialize, choosing to work with clients that have very specific needs. Working with a marketing agency that specializes in your specific field of expertise comes with advantages you will not get elsewhere.

#1 Your marketing agency will already know the industry terminology. In a field like dentistry, for example, there are a lot of unique technical terms and concepts that may not be easy for an outsider to grasp without doing an abundance of research. When your marketing agency already has years of experience of working exclusively with people in your field, you can be assured that, if you throw your technical and clinical knowledge at them, they will absolutely know what you’re talking about. As a result, you don’t waste time explaining the specifics of your profession.

#2 A marketing agency that works exclusively within your industry will understand your target audience and what makes them buy. In other words, an agency like MDA that specializes in marketing for dental practices knows precisely how to identify the types of patients your practice is seeking and create targeted marketing strategies that will get them to schedule appointments. In this sense, you gain efficiency and precision in your marketing campaigns because they will always be designed to hone in on the patients you want to see.

#3 When your marketing partner is only focused on one particular field, they will already know how competitive your industry is and will likely have knowledge about the competition in your particular market. In fact, your marketing agency will know what the competition looks like in most markets around the country. Knowing the competition and how to best navigate your particular market, whether your practice is brand new or well established, will enhance and strengthen your marketing strategies, saving you time and money.

#4 Years of experience working in the same field means that your marketing agency will have tried and tested best practices. This is a big time and money saver because you won’t be stabbing in the dark trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Your marketing agency already knows what is most likely to work for your practice based on its size, structure, market, and goals. Additionally, tried and true strategies means you’re not reinventing the wheel with each new practice that signs on. You can hit the ground running with strategies that are sure to net results.

#5 Having a marketing agency that only works with one type of profession means that they can focus on your needs from the get go because there is virtually no learning curve. Of course, your practice has characteristics that make it unique, but dentistry is dentistry no matter where you are. Everyone on your marketing team will already have extensive knowledge of how your industry works and can begin implementing real strategies right away. When your marketing agency is highly attuned to the specific needs of your profession, it can easily launch interconnected, multi-channel marketing campaigns that feed off of each other and enhance your overall short and long-term strategies.

The long and the short of it is that having a highly specialized dental marketing agency is going to be a net advantage for your practice. Not only will you receive the benefit of the company’s marketing expertise, but you also get the security and comfort of having a partner that truly understands the peculiarities of a profession you are passionate about. Your valuable time and marketing dollars will be well spent, and you will be more likely to achieve consistent, sustainable results that will impact your business.

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