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UptimeHealth to Showcase UptimeServices and Host Breakout Session at 2024 Dykema DSO Conference

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UptimeHealth, a leader in innovative solutions for dental equipment management, is excited to announce its participation in the 2024 Dykema DSO Conference. The conference will take place from July 10th to July 12th at the Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center in Colorado. UptimeHealth will host a breakout session on July 11th from 2-3 PM MT, focusing on essential strategies for managing unexpected operational challenges in dental practices.

The breakout session, “Oh Sh** Moments: How To Protect Your Business From Unpredictable Issues,” is designed to address the critical need for dental practices to handle unforeseen operational disruptions effectively. By providing practical insights and strategies, this session aims to empower dental professionals, practice managers, compliance officers, and equipment managers to mitigate risks and ensure top-notch patient care.

In addition to the breakout session, UptimeHealth is proud to unveil its updated brand narrative following the acquisition of Dental Whale and the launch of UptimeServices. This integration marks a significant milestone in UptimeHealth’s capabilities, offering a unified approach to equipment management across the dental industry.

“The 2024 Dykema DSO Conference marks a pivotal moment for UptimeHealth and UptimeServices,” said Jinesh Patel, CEO & co-founder of UptimeHealth/UptimeServices. “It’s one of the best conferences in our industry and provides us with a great venue to showcase our capabilities following our acquisition of DentalWhale, now called UptimeServices. Together, both of these brands offer a comprehensive solution that can fundamentally impact the entire vertical of dentistry, ensuring dental practices stay ahead of operational challenges.”

Dental professionals attending the conference will gain valuable knowledge on tackling operational issues that could disrupt their practice.

Russ Baker, senior vice president of UptimeServices, emphasized the value of their offerings, stating, “At UptimeServices, we understand the unpredicted challenges in managing dental practice equipment. At the Dykema DSO Conference, both in our breakout session and throughout the event, we aim to provide innovative strategies for equipment service and support management that elevate patient care and empower offices to run more efficiently and profitably.”

This is a crucial step for dental practices aiming to maintain high standards of service and care.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from industry leaders and improve your practice’s operational resilience. To attend the breakout session and other events at the Dykema DSO Conference, you may register here: Event Registration Link.

About UptimeHealth

UptimeHealth is a pioneer in providing simplified equipment and compliance management through innovative software, educational resources, and timely service solutions. It also envisions a future of automated equipment management with better tools and data insights to further improve efficiency and healthcare outcomes.

Please reach out if you are interested in discussing the above, one on one, with Jinesh Patel at the Dykema DSO Conference.

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