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Webinar | Posterior Direct Resins

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In this webinar, discover many techniques and materials for predictable posterior restorations.

Posterior Composites can be challenging even to a seasoned clinician. Of those, the class II composite continues to be the most challenging of them all. During this presentation, some tips and techniques to improve outcomes will be shared and correlated with the current literature.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss challenges in obtaining a successful Class II restoration
  • Review materials for treating interproximal cavitated carious lesions
  • Describe techniques to improve Class II restorations

Watch Dr. Augusto Robles’s webinar:

Ready to learn more?

In an upcoming live stream course led by Dr. Robles, look forward to a fast-paced review of current concepts: caries, adhesion, and composites. Review caries to recognize excavation and adhesion while reviewing current materials and approaches to dentin bonding specifically. An update on composites and a step-by-step protocol for long lasting posterior restorations, including placement techniques will be presented along with a simplified approach to great anatomy, finishing and polishing.

Dr. Robles hosts Caries, Adhesives, Composites: Making Sense for Success on November 20

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