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Dental nurses urged to speak about COVID experience – Dentistry Online

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Dental nurses are being asked to share their lockdown experiences and grievances by the chief dental officer.

On behalf of England’s CDO, the British Association of Dental Nurses (BADN) is asking nurses to step forward and share their stories with them.

In particular, they are looking for information including:

Were you furloughed? If yes:

  • Did you receive 80% of your salary?
  • If not 80%, was it less?
  • Did your employer make up the difference (so 100% of your salary was received)?

If you were not furloughed:

  • Did you still receive your full salary?
  • Did your employer reduce your hours so you were paid less?
  • Did your employer insist on taking annual leave during lockdown?
  • Did your employer pay you but now demands to be paid back, or that you now work with no pay?
  • Were you laid off without pay?
  • Other circumstances which meant you were disadvantaged.

BADN president, Jacqui Elsden, recently spoke out about some of the association’s key concerns.

‘Many dental nurses in NHS and mixed practices have not been paid their full, if any, salaries since March. Despite the employing practices having received their NHS funding,’ she said.

‘Even when they are paid, dental nurses working in NHS practices are not regarded by the NHS as NHS employees – and are therefore denied access to NHS pensions and other benefits.’

COVID-19 battles

This comes as dental nurses spoke to Dentistry Online about their experience handling the obstacles of COVID-19.

We heard from three professionals about how their role has been shaped and changed by the pandemic – and why they think so many have chosen not to re-register with the GDC.

‘We are losing so many nurses due to lack of support,’ said Gemma Forsythe.

‘Dental nursing is not an easy job and having to adapt so rapidly to the new changes is overwhelming. We are the number one support for dentists, hygienists, therapists and orthodontists.

‘I would, of course, love to see the pay reflect the responsibilities of the role and the work you have to do to become qualified.’

To share details of your experience over lockdown – both positive and negative – contact BADN at [email protected].

The deadline is Monday 16 November 2020.

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