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How Often Should You Change Your Toothbrush?

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Brushing your teeth daily is one of the most important things that prevents cavities, and it does more than just that. Brushing helps fight against gum disease, tooth decay, and bad breath. This makes a toothbrush a very important oral health tool. A tool we need to take good care of and replace regularly. Along with brushing properly, and twice daily, the condition of your toothbrush plays a vital role in your oral health.

How Do You Know when Your Toothbrush Needs Replacing?

The first thing to look for when checking your toothbrush is are the bristles still firm? Are they flattened and overused? Frayed? If your toothbrush looks worn down, it’s time to replace it. Another really simple way to determine if your toothbrush needs replacing, is to see if it’s dirty at all? Tiny food particles at the base? Then it’s time to get a new one. Have you been sick? That’s another good time to purchase a new one, because you don’t want to continue to spread the same bacteria in your mouth. When was the last time you switched out your toothbrush? Weeks? Months? Years? The ADA recommends replacing them every three to four months. If you can’t remember when the last time you replaced yours was, it’s time for a new one. Kids can be a bit harder on their brushes, so they made need replacements more often than adults. Fun toothbrushes are a great way to get your kids excited to brush their teeth. Taking them to pick out their own can be a fantastic way to get them on board with proper brushing.

Are You Brushing Correctly?

Two minutes is the recommended time to brush your teeth. A simple way to do this is to set a timer or watch a clock. Ideally brushing after each meal, or a sugary snack is a good idea. Can you brush your teeth too much? This isn’t likely, unless you are brushing too hard, or after eating acidic food. As long as you are taking the time, and brushing with a toothbrush in excellent condition, you are doing great.

Are There Bacteria on Your Toothbrush?

Yes! The unfortunate truth is there are bacteria on your toothbrush. You can read more about that here, and why you shouldn’t share your toothbrush with other people. There are other ways to prevent bacteria from growing quickly as well. Along with sharing your toothbrush and bacteria that way, you also don’t want your toothbrushes touching each other. How you store your toothbrush makes a difference. When you store your toothbrush, you don’t want to put it in a drawer or container, or anything that will prevent it from drying quickly. If you place it in a closed area, this will encourage bacteria to increase and grow. You will want to store them standing up, not touching each other, where there is good air circulation. After brushing it is unnecessary to disinfect your toothbrush, a simple rinse off with do quite fine as long as you are storing it correctly.

To Help You Remember

Mark it on the calendar, put a reminder in your phone, and remember to replace each family member’s toothbrush every three to four months. You may even notice your oral health improves. Or perhaps your kids will look forward to their new toothbrushes and using them more effectively. Put two minutes on the timer, store it correctly, and your mouth will thank you. If you take good care of your toothbrush, your toothbrush will take good care of you.

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