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Managing Health by Minding Your Gut (And Mouth) Microbiome

by adminjay

Have you ever heard of anyone ‘recovering’ from hospice care?

Us neither, until now. 🙂

Hospice is a type of health care that focuses on keeping terminally ill patients as comfortable as possible. When someone is ill enough that they need to go into hospice, doctors generally aren’t expecting them to ever recover. In fact, the whole intent of hospice differs from other branches of medicine because hospice is all about helping to ease the pain in terminal patients rather than helping them to heal.

In today’s expert interview, we chat with our longtime professional friend Dr. Al Danenberg, nutritional periodontist, author, and certified health coach.

Dr. Al has been to the edge and back. After a serious accident related to complications from multiple myeloma (cancer of the plasma cells), he found himself in hospice. He was prepared to die, but an impending hurricane presented an unexpected opportunity. Thanks to the support he received from his wife and his own efforts working both alone and with his medical team, Dr. Al defied the odds: he recovered and was able to discontinue hospice.

In this video, Dr. Al recounts his personal health journey, including how he shocked his oncologist (more than once). He also shares:

  • his perspective on the gut microbiome and the link between the gut, the mouth, and whole-body health;
  • whole-body signs of gut dysbiosis;
  • his top three tips to support your health;
  • how he uses OraWellness Shine;
  • and his thoughts on nano technology in oral hygiene products.

Let’s dive into this fascinating interview with an expert who journeyed to the brink of death, returned, and is now sharing tips on how we can care for our gut microbiome and our overall health.

Show Notes:

  • 1:35 – Dr. Al’s journey with multiple myeloma (cancer of the plasma cells).
  • 19:40 – The turning point thanks to a hurricane (and his wife 🙂 ).
  • 24:13 – Another interesting story in Dr. Al’s health journey: recovering from severe COVID.
  • 30:24 – Maintaining a healthy gut and oral microbiome in order to support whole-body health.
  • 43:17 – Dr. Al’s top 3 tips for supporting your health.
  • 54:32 – Why dental plaque is healthy (until it’s not).
  • 1:04:07 – Another personal story from Dr. Al: what he did when he discovered he had cavities (hint: it includes OraWellness Shine).
  • 1:09:34 – What is microcrystalline hydroxyapatite, and how does it differ from nano-hydroxyapatite?
  • 1:16:31 – How you can work with Dr. Al.
  • 1:21:47 – Final health-related gem from Dr. Al.

More Info About Dr. Al:

To learn more from, connect with, or even work with Dr. Al, feel free to visit his website, DrDanenberg.com. You can also follow him on social media:

Wrapping Up…

We hope that, like us, you found Dr. Al’s story to be uplifting and informative.

What about you? Have you shocked a dental or medical professional by reversing a condition that you were told was incurable? Have you ever experienced whole-body health issues that were resolved when you restored balance to your gut and/or oral microbiome? Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below so we can all learn from each other.

As always, if you know anyone who could benefit from the information in this video, please help us to help others by sharing our work with your loved ones.

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