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October 2021 – Dentistry Today

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Dynamic Navigation and HUD for Endodontic Access

Dr. Bobby Nadeau describes the use of dynamic navigation and a microscope
heads-up display for contemporary access cavity preparation.

Sixty Years of Evolution in Dentistry
Dr. Gordon Christensen and Dr. Rella Christensen discuss dental advances
over the past 60 years and look into their crystal ball.

Autologous Tooth Structure as an Adjunct Grafting

Drs. Scott D. Ganz and Isaac Tawil examine a new previously untapped source
for autologous tissue harvested from the patient—the extracted tooth.

A Fix for Maxillary Implants in Previously Failed Sites
Drs. Michael Sonick, Stephanie Koo, Rui Ma, and Debby Hwang present 2
cases of failed fixtures and a step-by-step detail of the rehabilitations.

An Alternative Treatment Approach to All-on-X
Dr. Steven L. Rasner reviews a removable alternative that offers patients the
security of a highly retentive and hygienic solution. The concept of telescopic
(also known as “double crown”) retained prostheses is also discussed.

COVID-19 Cracks Again

Dr. Troy Schmedding looks at mental stress causing bruxing and tooth stress.
His case demonstrates the diagnosis and treatment of a resulting fracture.

Treatment of White Spot Lesions With Resin Infiltration
Drs. Nathaniel Lawson and Bushra Nizami share a treatment for an all-toocommon
situation—a young patient who just finished orthodontic treatment
and presents with multiple areas of decalcification.

The Ultimate Look: It’s Not One Thing, It’s Everything

Dr. John D. West takes a close look at a new file system. He gives detailed, stepby-
step procedural processes and clinical tips for predictable outcomes.

A Lesson Learned in a Pandemic

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