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vTail Healthcare Telecommunications Announces New Director of Dental

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vTail (www.vtail.co) has announced its addition of Brad Rand as Director of Dental.

“Since our launch into the US dental market in February 2022, Mike McCarthy (CMO) has single-handedly spearheaded our efforts to engage with clinicians, DSOs, dealers and manufacturers”, says Phil Andrews, COO. “With 40% growth in clinician numbers in July alone, and with companies like Colgate already joining the platform, market validation has been phenomenal. It quickly became clear that we need to build a commercial team to meet demand. Brad shone out as the right individual to work alongside Mike McCarthy and to build that team.”

Brad is a proven business development leader with 30+ years of experience driving the growth and expansion of both start-up companies and established businesses in the dental market and beyond.

“It is an exciting time to join the team at vTail. I have worked with hundreds of sales representatives and manufacturers, and thousands of dental offices. I understand the need to work more efficiently while saving the clinicians time and money. The timing is just right to launch into the dental space”, says Rand.

About vTail

vTail (www.vtail.co) is a new digital healthcare communications platform designed to connect healthcare professionals (HCPs) with representatives from healthcare companies.

The mobile-first platform originally launched in the US wound care and dental markets. The company is planning its next launch into orthopedics, with pan-healthcare and international roll-outs from late 2023.

Prior to COVID-19, market dynamics were pushing communications between HCPs and medical company representatives farther apart. COVID-19 made this an acute crisis, and most stakeholders agree that a “new normal” is settling in that won’t look anything like pre-pandemic communications. vTail’s goal is to modernize these communications by auto-networking people across the clinical-to-industry divide and facilitating the more frequent flow of higher quality information in a way that drives knowledge and efficiency for all.

vTail allows HCPs to control the flow of communications in a HIPAA-enabled environment. They don’t have to share their personal contact information, and only receive direct communication from companies they elect to connect with on the app. The app is free to clinicians.

For companies, who are paying for presence on the platform, vTail represents a unique and less-crowded 360º sales and marketing channel that provides access to a fast-growing and forward-thinking cohort of clinicians in a way that cuts through the noise of the internet and the clutter of email inboxes.

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay.

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