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Who Can Get the Green Out First?

by adminjay

Daniel Patterson, contributor at the Huffington Post, parent strategist, teen coach, author, husband and father won his fight on cavities with his child by using the Plaque HD toothpaste! He told his story in an article called: “A Father’s War On Cavities” 

Let’s summarize the great benefits he discovered about this toothpaste.

  • It is all natural, plant-based and gluten free.
  • It attaches itself to any and all plaque in the mouth.
  • It is similar to disclosing tablets, minus the bad taste.
  • It will allow your patients to save money because it will help them prevent cavities, so no fillings needed.
  • It will increase patients’ compliance at the chair.

For Daniel Patterson, Plaque HD was a true game changer… and it can be for your patients too!

A Daily Home-Care Toothpaste

Plaque HD is not a toothpaste to be used at chair-side. It is a daily toothpaste that virtually guarantees that at their recall appointments, your patients will have a better oral hygiene versus a regular toothpaste.

Helps Parents Monitor the Kids Brushing

It takes away the guessing game for the adults patient, and it helps parents monitor the kids brushing. The one-step, easy-to-use formula won’t add time to their hygiene routine therefore making brushing fun especially for the kids. They will want to brush longer and they will brush better.

Ideal Also for Periodontal Patients

Plaque HD can also reduce hs-CRP level according to a study made at the Florida Atlantic University. So not only can it help your pediatric or ortho patients, but your perio patients as well.

Recommend that your patients use Plaque HD toothpaste at home, and to brush with their children. They will then be able to see who can get the green out first!


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