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Your recommendation for at-home care is more important than ever

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All members of the dental team have a role to play in educating and motivating all patients to optimise their at-home care.

This is more important than ever as patients return for regular dental check-ups. Even then, they may only typically spend up to two hours in your surgery each year. Meaning their self-care at home amounts to some 8,758 hours.

The choice of a toothpaste for use at home is important.

Recommending a toothpaste with fluoride plus anti-bacterial agents will help ensure optimal biofilm control to prevent the most common oral diseases and protect the health of the whole mouth. This recommendation is supported in a report on ‘The boundaries between caries and gum disease’ published by the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP). This recommends supplementing a fluoride toothpaste with adjunctive chemical plaque control agents helps manage gum health.

Superior biofilm control is important

Biofilms are complex, structured communities of bacteria that live throughout the whole mouth. Left uncontrolled, biofilms can produce negative effects on all mouth surfaces (teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums).

Controlling the overall oral bacterial load is essential to effectively reduce the negative effects associated with biofilm accumulation. Yet most toothpaste* cannot defend against biofilms.

Dual-zinc and arginine delivers superior biofilm control (Manus et al, 2018; Colgate data on file)**

Dual-zinc and arginine works by delivering superior biofilm control (Manus et al, 2018; Colgate data on file)** through effective:

Colgate Total with unique dual-zinc and arginine technology is the support your patients need to control their biofilm and prevent damage on all mouth surfaces (Prasad et al, 2018; Lagha et al, 2020).

Colgate Total also delivers superior biofilm control in the whole mouth for 12 hours after brushing. Leading to comprehensive clinical outcomes versus a non anti-bacterial toothpaste (Manus et al, 2018; Colgate data on file; Prasad et al, 2018)#,*.

Colgate Total delivers comprehensive benefits for the whole mouth

Empower every patient to achieve superior biofilm control (Manus et al, 2018)* at home with Colgate Total.


* Defined as non-antibacterial fluoride toothpastes.

** Colgate Total provides in vitro superior delivery, penetration, and retention of zinc through arginine technology for biomass reduction versus zinc control toothpaste and versus regular fluoride toothpaste.

% In vitro study

† Mass spectrometry images of salivary 10-day biofilms treated once with toothpaste slurry and regrown overnight under constant artificial salivary flow (10 mL/hr).

‡ Confocal images of established salivary 40-hour biofilms grown in vitro under flow. Then treated once for two minutes with water control (top) or dual-zinc and arginine technology (bottom).

§ Bacterial biofilms imaged after one treatment with either non-antibacterial fluoride toothpaste or dual zinc and arginine toothpaste slurry followed by a 12-hour regrowth period.

# After four weeks of use.

^Statistically significant reduction versus non-antibacterial fluoride toothpaste.

Lagha A, Yang Y, Trivedi H, Masters J and Grenier D (2020) A Dual Zinc plus Arginine formulation attenuates the pathogenic properties of Porphyromonas gingivalis and protects gingival keratinocyte barrier function in an in vitro model. J Oral Microbiol 12(1): 1798044

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