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Experience Revolutionary Dental Air Purification Technology

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The Unhealthy Reality

Dental professionals, the unsung heroes of oral health, deserve a spotlight on the air they breathe. Shockingly, their work environment has earned the title of “most unhealthy” in North America. Brace yourself for some eye-opening statistics: 74% of North Americans suffer from indoor air quality anxiety (data on file), and 6 of 10 employees quit over poor indoor air quality in their places of business (data on file). But worry not; we’re here to revolutionize their indoor air quality and transform their work environments, aligning with the latest guidelines advocating for 15 air changes per hour in dental operatories.

Cobalt 2 x 2 (Surgically Clean Air) is a flush and powerful equipment option, equipped with HEPA filtration technology that replaces a standard 2 x 2 ceiling tile.

Dental clinics, like many medical facilities, require an environment that not only fosters patient well-being but also guarantees the safety of patients and staff. Among other considerations for a secure and healthy space, indoor air quality (IAQ) is an often-overlooked factor. Investing in air purifiers and adopting air-management strategies has become a practical and proactive approach to ensure that the air we breathe indoors is as clean and healthy as possible. Poor indoor air quality can lead to a range of issues, including compromised patient health, staff discomfort, and potential risks associated with airborne pathogens and contaminants.

Elevating Dental Practices With Revolutionary Indoor Air Purification

Surgically Clean Air, a top provider of premium air purification solutions for medical professionals, businesses, and educational institutions, launches its next-generation of Ceiling Air Purification Systems that provide the highest possible air quality on the market. The company’s products are currently installed in more than 55,000 dental and medical offices, more than 50,000 classrooms, and by Fortune 500 companies, Major League Baseball clubs, the NBA, the NHL, and thousands of other organizations across the United States and Canada.

Cobalt 2 x 2 is energy efficient with smart operation and easy to maintain.

The Cobalt Ceiling Air Purification system replaces a standard 2 x 2 or 2 x 4 ceiling tile, freeing up valuable floor space from large purification equipment. The system works automatically by using a proximity sensor to monitor occupancy, thereby cleaning air only when the space is occupied and immediately after use.

The HEPA filters last a minimum of 2 years, making them extremely easy to maintain and highly energy efficient. The Cobalt also moves an unprecedented amount of air—more than 1,000 cubic feet per minute at less than 50 dB. The system also operates independently of other HVAC systems, meaning there is no interference or dependency on existing infrastructure or risk of voiding current HVAC warranties. The Cobalt is also the least expensive ceiling unit in the industry when measured by cubic feet of air cleaned at 50 dB or less.

Cobalt 2 x 2 is one of the best on-the-market indoor air purification solutions for operatories and sterilization areas.

Including air purification systems as part of the broader indoor air quality and HVAC strategy is imperative for dental practices where maintaining wellness and safety is especially critical. Effective indoor air-quality management not only contributes to patient health and comfort but also ensures the well-being and productivity of the dental team. By adopting best practices and investing in IAQ solutions, dental clinics can create a safer, more pleasant, and healthier environment for all, setting the stage for the best possible patient care and professional work.

For more information, call Surgically Clean Air at (877) 203-5330 or send email to marketing@surgicallycleanair.com.

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