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Bulk EZ is a Gamechanger Among Composites

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Bulk EZ from Zest Dental Solutions is a dual-cure, bulk-fill flowable composite with unlimited depth of cure and proprietary IntelliTek Curing Technology. This gamechanger is formulated to overcome the limitations associated with traditional composites, such as recurrent caries at the cervical margin. Bulk EZ has been proven in clinical uses around the world and many independent studies to eliminate gap formation and stop microleakage in all posterior restorations.

Bulk EZ features & benefits include:

  • Unlimited depth of cure
  • No intermittent light-curing
  • No capping layer
  • No microleakage
  • No dual-cure activators for bonding

Bulk EZ delivers high strength and wear resistance, and addresses the limitations that plague current products, such as gap formation and stress from rapid curing.

Unlimited Depth of Cure

Bulk EZ ensures complete curing in the deepest cavities in one simple step without multiple layering or light curing. This single-step process can save significant chair time over traditional light-curing composites.

Well Controlled Stress and Shrinkage

Bulk EZ’s self-cure method offers more control over shrinkage than other light-cure and bulk-fill composites. Shrinkage is directed toward the bottom of the restoration, virtually eliminating voids and gaps.

Excellent Physical Properties

Bulk EZ has a high flexural strength of 138MPa—among the best in dental composites. It has a high radiopacity of 350% AI for easy viewing on X-rays.

Compatibility with a Wide Variety of Adhesive Systems

Bulk EZ’s self-cure, patent-pending IntelliTek Technology ensures compatibility with a wide variety of adhesive systems without the need of any dual-cure activators.

Superb Polishability

Bulk EZ exhibits impressive polishability of 70 gloss units and high gloss retention after repeated wear.  Available in VITA shades: A1, A2, and A3.

To learn more about Bulk EZ from Zest Dental Solutions, go to www.zestdent.com/bulk-ez or call 800-262-2310.

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