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Longitudinal assessment of Indiana dentists’ participation in Medicaid before and after expansion

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Although Medicaid expansion aims to eliminate financial barriers to health care for low-income people in the United States, health care accessibility cannot be guaranteed without clinicians who provide health care to Medicaid recipients. This study examined the characteristics of Indiana dentists that are associated with the likelihood of participating in Medicaid after expansion in 2015.


This study included Indiana-licensed dentists who renewed their licenses in 2018 and provided supplemental data elements related to demographics, education and training, and professional characteristics. Dentists’ Medicaid engagement behavior was categorized on the basis of when claims were submitted from 2014 through 2017. Statistical analyses included the χ2 test and generalized multinomial logit model.


Overall, 2,037 Indiana-licensed dentists were included in the study. Of these, 802 (39.4%) were continually active in Medicaid during the study period, and 116 (5.7%) became active after expansion. Dentists had a greater likelihood of engaging in Medicaid after expansion if they were female, specialized in oral and maxillofacial surgery, practiced in a group practice, and were located in a rural county.


This study shows that dentists with certain demographic and practice characteristics had a greater likelihood of participation in Indiana Medicaid after expansion in 2015. Several findings from this study are consistent with previous research regarding the emerging trends in workforce diversity and show the impact of expansion policies on the dental safety net.

Practical Implications

This study presents an effective framework for the use of administrative and regulatory data sources for state-level analysis of the Medicaid safety net.

Key Words

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FPT (Federal poverty threshold), HIP (Healthy Indiana Plan)

Nationally, increased Medicaid coverage has been associated with increased demand for health care services but has little association with the capacity of health care providers serving Medicaid enrollees.


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The Medicaid expansion did not crowd out access for Medicaid recipients with disabilities in Oregon.